Fizdi Artist Portal Has a New Address

Dear Artist / Dealers / Galleries

  We have released a new version of artist portal.  Please access it on below link.

 What is added in new portal ?
  1. We are now using Google’s Authentication system for log-in management. 
  2. Improved and easy user interface optimised for mobile as well as desktop use.
  3. Simplified form to upload handmade paintings
  4. Simplified process to upload printed artworks.  Now system automatically creates 6 default sizes based on the resolution of image. You can choose any one of them.
  5. Changes to price, description, title etc done on artist portal are immediately reflected on
  6. We have removed minimum paintings criteria. Now you can even upload 1 artwork, and make your account live. There is no limit on maximum artworks. Upload as many as you want.
  7. Lot of other exciting features planned for release in coming months. Stay Tuned.

Steps to migrate data

  1. Login to Please note this is a new link. Previous artist portal link was
  2. Login through Google if you have a gmail account
  3. If you have a non-gmail email, then choose "Email/Password". Enter your email and click OK.  It will say "No User Exists". Enter a new password, and click "Create Account". You will get a verification link by email. Just click on it, and login again with previously entered email and new password.
  4. Click on “Migrate Data” button and wait for few mins
  5. Once data migration is complete, system will show success message and also send you an email.
  6. You may then login again, and check your artworks.

What to do after data is migrated ?

  1. Check your artworks, and ensure that information including Image, Categories, Shades, Pricing is correct. If not, please edit the artwork details and save.
  2. Please also check your products by searching your name on
  3. If you find artwork(s) missing on Artist portal or on, please write to us on 
  4. Please update your bio in account section.

If you have any feedback or query please email us on or call our artist care on +91 8822866866. You can also submit your feedback / issue from "Report Issue" option inside the Artist Portal.

Regards Artist Care Team